Bernard Mac Laverty, Grace Notes, Jonathan Cape, p. 104 e p. 245, 1997, Londra, Regno Unito.

“What was it you called it again?


“I was confusing it with the word ‘votive’ – knew it began with a Vee – like a votive mass or a votive candle. What does it mean?”

“A vernicle is a pilgrim’s medal. Chaucer’s Pardoner had one sewn on to his hat to show where he’s been”.


Each important shrine in Europe produced its own bagde – a vernicle. The word appealed to her – it had a good ring to it. Proof that you’d been there. In a land of devastation. At the bottom of the world. And come through it – just. She’s brought back evidence in the shape of a piece of music. Vernicle. [..]

She looked the word up in the dictionary and found it was also a representation of the face of Christ impressed on Veronica’s handkerchief. Or any image of Christ’s face made by an artist and used for devotional purpose. But she didn’t allow this to put her off using the word for a title.

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