seconda metà XIV

The York Corpus Christi Plays, Play 34 The Road to Calvary, Ed. Clifford Davidson, vv. 180-189, 2011, Kalamazoo (Michigan), Stati Uniti d'America.

III MARIA Allas, this is a cursed cas.

He that alle hele in his hande has

Shall here be sakles slayne.

A, Lorde, beleve lete clense thy face.

Behalde howe he hath schewed his grace,

Howe he is moste of mayne.

This signe schalle bere witnesse

Unto all pepull playne

Howe Goddes Sone here gilteles

Is putte to pereles payne.

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yorkEsempi esistenti della Veronica di York sono presenti nel Bolton Hours fol.174 e nel York Psalter (Cambridge, Trinity College MS. O.3.10), fol.11v.

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