1392-1393 ca

Ciclo di N-Town, Play 32, The Procession to Calvary and the Crucifixion of Christ, vv. 41-48, 1392-1393 ca., Regno Unito.


Ah! You sinful people, why fare thus?

For sweat and blood he may not see.

Alas! Holy prophet, Christ Jhesus,

Careful is my heart for thee.

And she wipes his face with her kerchief.


Veronica, thy wiping does me ease.

My face is clean that was black to see.

I shall keep those from all suffering

That look on thy veil and remember me.

Ciclo di Coventry

Probabilmente la città è Coventry, Inghilterra.

Traduzione in italiano di Manu

La traduzione in inglese moderno è in Julian’s Gospel: Illuminating the Life and Revelations of Julian of Norwich, di Veronica Mary Rolf.

Segnalato da Manu


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