1440 ca

Velo della Veronica, miniatura, Rotolo delle Arma Christi, 1440 ca., Regno Unito. Stonyhurst College, Clitheroe.


Il rotolo è composto da 24 illustrazioni che accompagnano un testo in Middle English (del tardo XIV sec.) sulla Passione di Cristo. Questo, come altri analoghi rotoli (molto simile è quello conservato presso la Huntington Library), avevano probabilmente la funzione di essere mostrati nelle chiese per favorire la devozione popolare.

O Vernicle I honour hym and þe

þat þe made thorowe his privete

þe cloth he sete to his face

þe prent laft þer thorow his grace

His mouth his nose his eghen two

His berde his here dede al so

Schilde me fro all þat in my life

I haf synned with wittes fyfe

Namelich with mouth of sclaunderyng

Fals othes and bakbytyng

And made bost with tong also

Of synnes that I haf i do

Lord of heven forgif it me,

For þe figure þat I here se. (ll. 1–14)

Traduzione in italiano di Manu

O Vernicle, I honor him and you

That made you through his privity.

He set the cloth to his face,

Left the print there through his grace;

His mouth, his nose, his two eyes,

His beard, his hair did [leave a print] also.

Shield me from all that I have sinned

With my five wits during my life—

Namely, with a slandering mouth,

False oaths, and backbiting,

And I also made boast with my tongue

Of sins that I have done.

O Lord of Heaven, forgive me for it,

Because of the image that I see here. (lines 1-14)

Versione in inglese moderno

Segnalato da Manu



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