The Middle English Version of Roger d’Argenteuil’s Bible en François, MS White q 091.92 — C 468, Cleveland Public Library, 1470, Stati Uniti d'America.


Il manoscritto cita la guarigione di Vespasiano grazie al panno della Veronica, qui chiamato the holy couerchif (scritta in rosso).

Il testo originale (1300 ca.) della Bible en François di Roger d’Argenteuil, tradotto in Middle English, dice:

Then þere [there] went toforn [before] oure Lord an holi woman callid [called] Veronica, þat [that] bare a couerchif to selle at the cheping [market]. And when she saugh [saw] oure Lord so foule [foully] brought and vilanously, she made gret [great] sorou and wepid [wept] and toke him the couerchif and seid, “Iesu, . . . I am right sory of this martirdom þat [that] thou su rist without reson. But hold this couerchif and wipe awey the swet and the blood from thi [thy] blissid [blessed] visage.” And so he did. And there withall sodeinly was the visage of oure Lord purtraied [portrayed] in the couerchif as like it had ben his said visage eishly. And than oure Lord toke to Veronica hir couerchif ageyn [again] and bad [bade] hir that she shuld kepe it wele, for it shal hele [heal] many sekenessis [sicknesses].

In parentesi quadre una traduzione in inglese moderno. Cfr. Andrea Molinari,  St. Veronica: Evolution of a Sacred Legend

Traduzione in italiano di Manu

Segnalata da Mary-Catharine Carroll


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