Thomas More, A Dialogue Concerning Heresies, 1529, London, Regno Unito.

… the words spoken [by the Lord] in the Old Law […] should have no place to forbid images among his Christian flock, where his pleasure would be to have the image of his blessed body hanging on his holy cross had in honor and reverent remembrance; where he would vouchsafe to send unto the king Abgarus the image of his own face; where he liked to leave the holy vernicle, the express image also of his blessed visage, as a token to remain in honor among such as loved him from the time of his bitter Passion hitherto.

Which, as it was by the miracle of his blessed holy hand expressed and left in the sudary, so hath it been by like miracle in that thin, corruptible cloth kept and preserved uncorrupted this fifteen hundred year, fresh and well perceived, to the inward comfort, spiritual rejoicing, and great increase of fervor and devotion in the hearts of good Christian people.

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