Cyril Martindale, The life of Monsignor Robert Hugh Benson, Longman, 1916, Londra, Regno Unito.

San Silvestro in Capite, November 20
[…] On the 18th I went to Vespers and the exihibition of relics in S. Peter’s, as it was the dedication festival. This last ceremony was immensely impressive. Vespers were booming away in a chapel, and had been for about an hour; and the church was getting darker and darker. There were no lights except on the altars all round, and they only looked like tiny sparks; and the confession and papal altar was twinkling like a Christmas tree; but it was so dark in the top of the nave that one could not recognise faces. Then suddenly the bells jangled loud; a procession with lights and a bishop with a cope and mitre, and Rampolla in scarlet, came out of the chapel with a great crowd following; the lights went up everywhere simultaneously, everybody went on their knees, and right up in a gallery in the dome, where eight huge candles were burning, a man appeared, a little figure in white, with a reliquary, which he waved up and down as he walked to and fro. First he showed the Lance, then the True Cross, then the handkerchief of St. Veronica. Then he disappeared, everybody got up and went away, and it was over.
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