Henry Morton Robinson, The cardinal, prosa, 1950, New York, Stati Uniti d'America. Simon & Schuster.

Stephen prayed that she would not notice the blood on Din’s brow.
His prayer went unheard. Ellen was awake now.

On her father’s face she saw the crimson evidence; by the immortal act of Veronica she acknowledged it. Taking a napkin from the table, she pressed it with maternal pity against Din’s forehead. Her gesture seemed to say: “Only believe, dear Father, that this blood has not been shed in vain.” What she actually said, Stephen could not hear. For Ellen’s lips were buried in Din’s grizzled hair, and he was pressing her close to him.

“I will carry you upstairs myself”, said Din, lifting Ellen in his powerful arms. A beatific smile lighted her face. At that moment she was not the rejected spouse of the Mystical Bridegroom, but the much-loved daughter of Dennis Fermoyle.

Testo in italiano in Il cardinale, Garzanti Milano, p. 170

Testo completo in inglese

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