Camelia Rose (pseudonimo di Olga Pitcarn), She had to plan, Xlibris, 2009, Bloomington, Indiana, p. 86, Stati Uniti d'America.

“Today, I’ll give you a lesson in the art of flower arranging”, Valerie said. “Viola called it Ikebana. That’s a Japanese word. Over here”, she pointed, “is Viola’s secret flower, known also as ‘sorrowful remembrance’. And there is mine, the yellow iris. These three petals”, she pointed, “represent faith, wisdom, and valor”.

“This is my secret flower!” Renata took a stem with tiny blue flowers. “It has a lots of little blue flowers. She who brings victory!”

“Well, that’s one version of the name”. Valerie took the veronica and put it in the bowl that had a holder known as porcupine to keep the flowers erect.

“What’s the other version?”

Valerie took two yellow irises and put them, one higher and the other lower, in the porcupine. “Veronica also means ‘true image’.” She took red anemones and arranged them to compliment the yellow and blue flowers. “There’s a story called Veronica’s Veil”. Valerie stepped back to get a better look at her Ikebana bowl.

“Granval, please tell me the story!” Renata pulled at her grandmother’s skirt.

“When Jesus was walking up to Calvary, carrying his cross, he was perspiring a lot. A woman by the name of Veronica had pity on him and she took her veil and wiped his face. Jesus was so grateful that he worked a miracle; he left the imprint of his face on her veil. When Veronica was sick, she hugged the veil and was instantly cured. She gave her miracle veil with the healing powers to the pope, and from that day on, Veronica’s Veil was famous. It became a relic for pilgrims to admire and worship. On Passion Sunday, priests carry her relic to the Basilica of St. Peter’s, where it is blessed”. Valerie smiled. “Veronica became a saint”.

“Awesome”, Renata murmured.

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