Santa Veronica con il velo, miniatura, Arma Christi Roll (Esopus Roll), 1375-1400. National Shrine of St. John Neumann, Philadelphia.

Foto da The Arma Christi in Medieval and Early Modern Material Culture, edited by Lisa H. Cooper and Andrea Denny-Brown con permessi di Baltimore Provinces Archives.

Il rotolo include, come altri esemplari, la poesia O Vernicle.

O Vernicle I honour hym and þe

þat þe made thorowe his privete

þe cloth he sete to his face

þe prent laft þer thorow his grace

His mouth his nose his eghen two

His berde his here dede al so

Schilde me fro all þat in my life

I haf synned with wittes fyfe

Namelich with mouth of sclaunderyng

Fals othes and bakbytyng

And made bost with tong also

Of synnes that I haf i do

Lord of heven forgif it me,

For þe figure þat I here se. (ll. 1–14)

Traduzione in italiano di Manu

Versione in inglese moderno

Tradotta da Manu

Segnalata da Mary-Catharine Carroll


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