1300 ca

Anonimo, Cursor mundi, vv 18817-18818; 18833-18850; 18857-18860, 1300 ca., Northumbria, Regno Unito.

Of þis visage þat is so briȝt

Me to speke is vnriȝt [..]

His heer like to þe note broun

whenne hit for ripe falleþ doun

Vpon his shuldres liggyng wele

In heed he had a sheed biforn

As Nazarenus han þere þei are born

His forhede feir wemles in siȝt

wiþouten wrynkul hit was sliȝt

His viys somdel with reed was meynd

wiþ nese & mouþ feire ordeyned

Forked feire þe chyn he bere

And tender berd wiþ muchel here

Berd & heed of on hew were

Note broun as I tolde ȝou ere

Metely heer was on his chyn

Louely & blessed vs to wyn

Studfaste his loke & symple ay

His eȝen clere & somdel gray [..]

Like his modir was þat childe

wiþ faire visage & mode ful mylde

Sene hit is bi þe verony

And bi þe ymage of þat lady.

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Poema in Middle English di circa 30.000 versi. Una delle versioni è quella del MS. R. 3. 8. Trinity College, Cambridge.

Testo in italiano

Il Cursor contiene una descrizione di Gesù. Era di altezza media e incredibilmente bello. Volto severo ma piacevole. Capelli color nocciola matura, lunghi e fluenti, e una scriminatura, come hanno i nazareni. Fronte senza macchie o rughe. Carnagione chiara, a tratti rosata. Naso e bocca perfetti. Mento appuntito, barba dello stesso nocciola dei capelli, soffice e folta. Occhi tendenti al grigio.

Of his visage that is so bright

Me to speak is unright

His hair like the nut brown

When it for ripeness falls down

Upon his shoulders lying well [..]

On his head he had a shed before

As Nazarenes have since they are born

His forehead fair, wemless in sight

Without wrinkles it was slight

His face somehow with red was mixed

With nose and mouth fair ordained

Forked fair the chin he bore

And tender beard with much hair

Beard and head of one hue were

Nut brown as I told you ere

Beautiful hair was on his chin

Lovely and blessed for us to see

Steadfast his look and simple

His eyes clear and somehow gray [..]

Like his mother was this child

With visage fair and mode full mild

Seen it is by the vernicle

And by the image of that Lady.



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